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Rob Rowen for Senate District 1

 You can also show your support for this grassroots campaign by volunteering your time. If you are interested contact me at
(530) 347-5382
Changing Rural CA
Together we can make rural California great again; united we succeed, divided we fall.

Rowen for Senate

Together, and only together, can we reclaim our rual independence. With a voice in Sacramento that represents the people and not a party, we can succeed.

  • Today, we are witnessing a great divide in America. People are worried about their futures, they are scared and they want someone to blame.
  • Donald Trump and many of the GOP are effectively using fear and hatred to send their message. The truth is far more simple, we are all to blame. 
  •  We have allowed ourselves to be divided over guns, and other social issues, while the wealthy have laughed their way to the bank. We either come together, or the American dream disappears. Replaced by something that could very well look like a real version of "The Hunger Games".
  • With all of us working and living in poverty simply to service the wealthy elite.
  • Join me, elect me, and usher in a new era in Sacramento, an era of prosperity for all Californians.