The Issues

Rowen For Senate

A moderate who will go to Sacramento and work on rural issues; a candidate who understands that this district needs more than a party line "no" vote on every issue important to the people of this district.
Vote for change

Senate District 1 has endured too many years of do nothing representation; the people need their voice's heard, and I will ensure that Sacramento no longer ignores our rural needs and values.

  • Ted Gaines has raised over 2.5 million dollars from special interests during his time in office. His voting record is an exercise in futility, voting no on almost everything. His pride in his ability to raise money from special interests should tell you who and what he represents, and it is not the people of this district. 85% of his donations come from outside our Senate District; who is he working for, because it is not us.
  • Rob Rowen is not a career politician, I am a proud Sacramento outsider, one that refuse to accept corporate special interest money. I want to represent the people, not corporate interests. Every vote I make will have the interest of this district in mind, without any debt being owed to those who purchased my influence.
  • The State of Jefferson movement was born from the lack of effectual representation in our region. Their frustration is shared by many; the solution is to elect someone who will fight for and represent our district. That someone is Rob Rowen; a life long rural resident who will fight for what is best for rural residents.

Rowen for Senate
This Senate District is not thriving, our voice is not being heard in Sacramento. This is the legacy of failure Ted Gaines has left for this district.
Our biggest export should not be our children, and our biggest recycling program should not be our prison system.
One strong voice can carry a message that resonates through the halls of Sacramento, I am that voice.
I will fight for much needed change, while preserving all that we hold dear as rural residents.
We all agree that change is needed in Sacramento and that our rural regions are being neglected. All that is required for change to happen, is for the voters to have the courage to vote for someone who does not represent special interests, but the voters themselves. The answer is Rob Rowen, a pragmatic approach to getting the job done for all of our rual citizens.
A moderate voice of reason; a veteran, a former business owner, and a lifelong rural resident. Someone who understands what real rural living is all about.

Education for a Better Tomorrow

we must provide an educational foundation for our children that starts with early childhood development. Experts have concluded that our mental pathways are 80%developed by the age of 3-4; this makes Pre-K educational funding a priority, something Ted Gaines has voted against. Our children are our greatest asset, we must ensure they have the opportunity to thrive. This means not only funding for educational programs, but modern facilities and modern technology as tools to help our children learn.
Ensuring that our children have access to a quality education is not enough. Today, our children leave college burdened with debt; we must make education more affordable. My mission is to provide educational opportunities that match our young people with the job market; technical and vocational  education as well a traditional education programs designed with cooperation between the public and private sector to maximize opportunities for our young people. Advocating for free Community college, as well as public service to forgive student debt, will be a priority as your Senator.

Policy positions
  • Pre-K funding;Opposed by Ted Gaines, Favored by Rob Rowen
  • Solitary confinement for Juveniles; Favored by Gaines, opposed by Rowen
  • Funding for alternative energy source development; Opposed by Gaines, favored by Rowen
  • Non-violent drug offenders; Gaines favors jail, Rowen favors treatment
  • Overturning Citizens United; Gaines opposed, Rowen favors
  • Gaines favors lower taxes for everyone, Rowen believes corporate America and the wealthy should pay their fair share, while middle class America receives tax relief.
  • Rowen refuses to accept corporate special interest money, Gaines has taken more than 2.5 million dollars. 84% of Gaines money comes from outside his district.
  • While running for Insurance Commissioner of California, Gaines refused to sign a pledge to not accept money from the very companies he was running to regulate and oversee.
  • I support green energy and a green economy; Gaines has voted against identifying new targeted green energy sources.
  • I believe climate change is real, and that it is threat to our national security and future generations. Gaines has voted against legislation to mitigate costs from climate change to our costal regions.

Listed above are just a few examples of the difference between myself and Ted Gaines, the difference could not be more clear. I stand for change, while Gaines is happy with the party line and status quo.
Each and every voter should examine the voting Record of Ted Gaines, you will find that he has done virtually nothing for the people of this district. While this district suffers, Gaines takes the party line, opposing virtually everything authored by his Democratic Colleagues. Visit and examine his record for yourself, the results should astound all of you. Instead of working to find common ground and compromise, our Senator has taken a position of defiance and obstructionism, leaving the people of this district with no representation and no voice in Sacramento.  I am running for the Senate to represent the people; ask yourself who Ted Gaines is representing.